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Welcome the U.S. Virgin Islands to STEMx

2016 Graduation in Virgin Islands

STEMx is branching out again — this time into the Caribbean. The STEM network of the U.S. Virgin Islands, whose main islands are St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, is joining STEMx. To find out more about the Virgin Islands Department of Education (VIDE) and its efforts to promote STEM, we contacted Shamika Williams-Henley, state STEM director: Q: Give us some background on VIDE: What are its duties, and how many schools and students are within its jurisdiction? A: […]

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First look at STEM in the Trump administration

Header image for Trump and STEM

With a new administration in the White House, come new ideas and priorities. What will education and STEM look like under the Trump administration? James Brown, Executive Director the STEM Education Coalition answers our questions in this quick interview.  What direct information do we have about education priorities in a Trump administration? Education issues were not a main focus in this presidential campaign, but we do have some clues.  In many ways, what Trump has said publicly on education is […]

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STEMx member feature: The Utah STEM Action Center


The Utah STEM Action Center, located in Salt Lake City, recently joined the STEMx multi-state network. Earlier this year, we published a story about their annual hands-on learning event called the Utah STEM Fest. To learn about the Center, its mission and plans, we contacted its director, Tami Goetz, who shared the following: Q: Tell us about the STEM Action Center in Utah, its history and the work that it’s doing. A: The STEM Action Center’s mission is to be […]

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Computer Science framework unveiled


by Mike Feder, Director of STEMx In 1892, an influential group of educators released a document that outlined the eleven core subjects U.S. schools should teach.1 They aimed to create an academic core that would prepare students for college. Since then, we’ve dropped Latin and Greek. Other than that…the list hasn’t seriously changed. Until now. Across the country, schools are working to make computer science classes available to all students. With change on this scale, states are looking to guide […]

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Apply to present with STEMx at NSTA forum


by Michael Feder, Director of STEMx STEMx will be featured at the 2017 National Science Teachers Association STEM Forum and Expo. NSTA’s STEM Forum brought together over 2,000 educators last year, including a few STEMx members. Today, I’m proud to announce that there will be a STEMx track at the 6th Annual STEM Forum. Check out the details below for information about attending and presenting.  STEMx will be partnering with NSTA at the 6th Annual STEM Forum & Expo next July […]

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Recapping the Next Steps Institute in South Carolina


We were eager to tell you about the Next Steps Institute, a recent education conference that featured no less than five different STEMx members. Here’s a brief summary from Dr. Carol O’Donnell and Katherine Blanchard about the full “State Leaders in STEM” pathway. But, just as importantly, we wanted to know how this conference changed minds. For that angle, see the answers from Dr. Tom Peters at South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science. Dr. Carol O’Donnell and Katherine Blanchard: […]

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Washington school district believes in CS for all

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Should your school district be teaching computer science? If so, at what grade level should you begin? In the Bellevue School District in Washington state, students are learning the subject from kindergarten up. We contacted Greg Bianchi, the district’s STEM curriculum developer as well as a project consultant with Washington STEM, for some insight: Q: How are you involved in the effort to incorporate computer science in K-12 classrooms? Is this just in your school district, or is it a […]

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What’s next for the billion dollar Perkins Act

Image of U.S. Capitol

The Perkins Act, a major piece of federal legislation that provides more than $1.1 billion in funding annually for America’s career and technical education programs, is up for re-authorization in Congress. To pin down the status of this important measure, we asked Thomas Phillips, a congressional affairs specialist for Battelle, about what’s next for the act: Q: What are the main provisions of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006, and when does it run out? […]

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Paul G. Allen and Vulcan Inc. offer DIY grants and resources


Dave Ferrero, Senior Program Officer for Education at Vulcan Inc., and his team have released project-based STEM resources for teachers and grants to incentivize early adopters. These “DIY project guides” were created by recipients of the Allen Distinguished Educator Award, a program that recognizes teachers who have developed innovative ways to teach computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship. We wanted to know more about these resources and how they can encourage more innovative teaching and learning in K-12 classrooms.

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Progress in Colorado and more from NSTA STEM forum

by Michael Feder, Director of STEMx There seem to be an ever growing number of STEM education conferences convened each year. It can be difficult to know which conference is right for you and STEM educators in your state. I am attending a few highly recommended STEM conferences this summer to explore which are the best fit for our networks. Last month I attended the 5th Annual STEM Forum & Expo, hosted by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The […]

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