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The Idea of Integrated STEM

If you ask five people to define STEM education, you’ll probably get five different answers. The reality is there is no single definition! The STEMx network thinks about it this way: STEM 1.0 = the acronym for the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – each important in its own right

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Quick thoughts for

Today, I’ll be on a call with some of the great folks leading So, it’s a great reason to post a quick walkthrough of what the STEMx network does and why we do it.

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Report calls promise of STEM “tantalizing”

The National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council has released findings on STEM Integration in K-12 Education: Status, Prospects, and an Agenda for Research. Based upon a two-year study by an NAE/NRC Committee, the report provides a descriptive framework, explores design implications and implementation context suggested by the research, and presents recommendations and a research agenda to further advance integrated STEM education.

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Pharmaceutical industry issues call to action on STEM

PhRMA, the organization that represents American pharmaceutical companies, has released a new report on how strengthening America’s standing in STEM is “critical to continued scientific and technological innovation.” The report is well worth reading and anyone interested in STEM should head over to to download a copy. Read on for a few key highlights from the report.

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STEMmobile school tour stops in state capital

Policy-makers in Nashville will get a chance to see STEM education up close today as the STEMmobile, a mobile STEM laboratory of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, is on exhibit at Nashville’s legislative plaza.

On a brief break from its tour of schools across 20 counties in rural Tennessee, the STEMmobile will be in Nashville for the first time since completion. Visitors can walk through this mobile STEM lab on wheels and experience the same high-tech and innovative STEM practices that the STEMmobile delivers to grade-school students across the rural Upper Cumberland region of the state.

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Close It: From Education to Employment

The inaugural Close It Summit is underway with over 300 innovators and thought leaders from across industry, government and education gathered in our nation’s capital. We share a goal to create a new education to employment system. We’re engaging in working groups to develop action plans to close the gap with new talent strategies.

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Quality STEM Programs: How Do We Know When We See One?

One of the three primary goals of the Kentucky STEMx™ Network is to define and support the characteristics of highly effective STEM initiatives. To this end, a network team embarked upon a study of other STEMx states’ design and school rubrics en route to creating a draft Kentucky STEM Program Rubric. Last Tuesday, they shared the current draft in an Innovate to Learn Institute session which provided multi-state context then engaged participants in lively and constructive feedback – a role model of “by the states, for the states”!

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Symposium on science standards draws 30 states!

Last week I joined more than 250 leaders in science, education and assessment at a national Invitational Research Symposium on Science Assessment. Over 30 states brought teams to our nation’s capital to engage with academia, industry and government on the goal of improved student assessment and achievement, pertaining to the Next Generation Science Standards which have already been adopted by 7 states. The lead convener of the symposium, the K-12 Center, has posted all of the research papers and presentations online along with video from closing segments on the work ahead in policy and practice. They’re even hosting a webinar distilling Symposium findings in November.

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Big news for Battelle!

Aimee Kennedy has just been announced as the next Vice President for Education at STEM Learning at Battelle. Currently the leader of Metro Early College, a principal-in-residence at Battelle and a nationally recognized voice in education, Aimee will bring her talents to lead the entire scope of Battelle’s education efforts including BattelleEd, the organization that manages the STEMx network and the Ohio STEM Learning Network. Here’s a snippet from the release just posted by Battelle: “Aimee will be a tremendous […]

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STEM on the Move by Margaret Ashida


STEM education helps students succeed in school and find (or create) great jobs when they graduate. Paired with innovation at the local level, states are leading the way on STEM. The State of Washington’s House and Senate made this clear last week with strong bipartisan support for comprehensive STEM legislation requested by Governor Jay Inslee. House Bill 1872 lays the groundwork for a results-driven state strategy to grow STEM at every level, from pre-school through college. Washington’s focus on greater […]

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