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Detailed evaluation guides Iowa STEM

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How are STEM programs doing in your state? Are they reaching the students who need them the most? Are they effective in inspiring and educating the next generation of skilled, innovative and inventive game-changers? How does a state evaluate its STEM programs? The annual report of the Iowa STEM Monitoring Project can serve as a guideline. We asked Jeff Weld, executive director of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council and associate professor of biology at the University of Northern Iowa […]

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The attraction of magnet schools

What is the “attraction” of magnet STEM schools, and how are they different, if at all, from other STEM schools? To find out, we asked Becky Ashe, founding principal of L&N STEM Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee, about her magnet high school and magnet schools in general. She also shared information about the Magnet Schools of America annual conference: Q: Your school, L&N STEM Academy, is a magnet high school. What, in general, is a magnet school, and how does a […]

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National Science Foundation study on inclusive STEM schools

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by Mike Feder, Director of STEMx STEM schools can be a vehicle for creating equity, setting high expectations, and an education that prepares kids for the 21st century world. As STEM advocates, we believe in these schools. But data matters just as much as our beliefs. When parents and policymakers want more than the beliefs of educators, what are the best ways to demonstrate the merits of our work? Sharon Lynch, professor at George Washington University, has been working on […]

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Partnership grant available with Army Education Outreach Program

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The Army Education Outreach Program, or AEOP, is the Army’s platform for advancing STEM education and literacy through STEM experiences, internships and competitions. As a connector of opportunities to transform STEM education, we’re proud to issue this notification of a second round of grant opportunities for strategic initiatives from AEOP. Organizations that support STEM education and reach underrepresented student populations OR military-dependent K-12 students can apply for the grants. This is the second round of AEOP’s Strategic Outreach Initiatives Grant. […]

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North Carolina’s collaborative efforts result in “The Connectory Exchange”

The NC STEM Center has leveraged its resources with resources on a national scale to create tools needed to allow a centralized database of STEM education programs using The Connectory, a national online database of STEM programs and opportunities. The NC STEM Center is a founding member of STEMx, so we chatted with Dr. Sam Houston and Lisa Rhoades about the partnership and what it means for students and teachers. NC STEM is a program of the NC Science, Mathematics and […]

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Department of Energy celebrates women

Today we’re talking to the Honorable La Doris “Dot” Harris, the Director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), about the Department’s Women @ Energy initiative. In her role, she ensures that minorities and historically underrepresented communities are afforded opportunities to actively participate in the Department’s programs. The Women @Energy initiative aims to profile female scientists across the department and has highlighted 300 women to date.

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STEMx New Member Spotlight: West Virginia

Today we’re talking to Dr. Gay Stewart of West Virginia University where she is the founding director of the WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education (CE-STEM). Dr. Stewart is also a professor of STEM education and physics. Since having her first child she has wanted to help make the world a better place and realized that opening the doors to STEM education was a way to do just that. Welcome Dr. Stewart! Please tell us about the WVU Center […]

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STEMx Policy Fellow: Representative Ling Ling Chang

Today, we’re talking to Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang of California. Assemblywoman Chang is part of the inaugural class of STEMx Policy Fellows from across the country. They are spending the next two years learning from and with other policymakers from STEMx states to take new ideas back to their own community. A self-described techie, Assemblywoman Chang most recently served as President & CEO of the Youth Science Center, a nonprofit education organization that focuses on strengthening STEM curriculum and education in local schools. She is bringing her personal experience to the California legislature to help improve STEM education for students across the state.

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STEMx Policy Fellow: Representative Graig Meyer

Today, we’re talking to Representative Graig Meyer of North Carolina. Rep. Meyer is part of the inaugural class of STEMx Policy Fellows from across the country. They are spending the next two years learning from and with other policymakers from STEMx states to take new ideas back to their own community. Before becoming a member of the North Carolina General Assembly, Rep. Meyer was an educator and he wants to help bridge the two worlds so that policy does translate […]

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“Caine’s Arcade” filmmaker joins Tennessee summit

160217 TSIN summit

Today, we’re talking to Wes Hall, Director of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network. Wes and the network launched a new conference last year – the Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit. They’re pulling ideas from other networks and showcasing the best of STEM in their state. What’s exciting about the conference this year?

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