• STEM that’s really out of this world: NASA’s “Year of Education on Station”

    Teachers can often feel as if their heads are spinning. But at least one teacher is truly spinning, or orbiting, Earth right now. His name is Ricky Arnold, and he is the second consecutive teacher-astronaut on the International Space Station during this school year. To celebrate these two intrepid educators — and all educators who work on Earth — NASA has been marking the Year of Education on Station (YES). To tell us more about the YES events and activities, we contacted Becky Kamas, STEM on Station activity manager at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas: Q: Tell us about the Year of Education on Station and what prompted it. A: In March 2017, NASA announced crew members for… Read More

  • Astronaut to keynote May conference and STEMx sessions posted

    Our annual gathering, STEMxChange, is coming up in just a few weeks. Today, we’re announcing a new keynote. We’ll also detail the sessions that will make up the STEMx track. Our second keynote will be…Astronaut Joe Acaba! Joining Grant Imahara, he’ll address both STEMxChange and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit. Just over a month ago,… Read More

  • Traveling Tennessee science fair heads to Washington D.C.

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Step right up and experience — science! That’s the invitation offered by the Traveling Science Fair, an assemblage of six colorful, carnival-style trailers that travels throughout east Tennessee bringing cutting-edge science information and hands-on activities to underserved students. The Traveling Science Fair was created and staffed by professionals at… Read More

  • Here’s your primer on Pi Day!

    It’s Pi Day! And, we’re not talking about the dessert (but that’s worth celebrating, too). This Pi Day has to do with mathematical ratios — and it also happens to be a famous scientist’s birthday. Both are right in STEM’s wheelhouse, and both are worth noting. What’s a teacher to do to mark the dual… Read More

  • Focused on student success: Ainslie completes tenure at Indiana STEM Network

    After five-plus years leading the I-STEM Resource Network at Purdue University, Paul J. Ainslie stepped down as managing director in February. Since 2012, Ainslie had guided the network, which provides STEM curriculum and teacher professional development in Indiana as well as advocates for improved STEM education and resources for the state. In announcing his departure,… Read More

  • The Science of Curling

    This post was originally published by Battelle, which manages STEMx, and it’s too good not to share. Have you integrated curling (or any other Olympic sport) into your classroom? Please tell us about it in the comments below. At Battelle, we take science seriously. And, our researchers may take their hobbies just as seriously as… Read More

  • Volkswagen, state, and key local partners bring eLabs to many schools in Chattanooga

    At eight schools in Hamilton County, Tennessee, students can tackle a selected real-world problem, design a solution and fabricate that solution, all in their onsite Volkswagen eLab. The eight eLabs, which provide access to rapid prototyping technology, came about through a public-private partnership in the Chattanooga area. And, it was just announced that eight more… Read More

  • How AT&T is solving super problems at the NFL championship game

    Staging Super Bowl LII can mean solving super problems, such as: How do you increase network capacity at the NFL championship game site — U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis — to handle the cellphone calls of thousands of fans, media representatives and vendors as well as myriad other visitors? Solution: You plan months in advance.… Read More

  • Artists pair with early childhood teachers to find success in STEM education

    Special note: Akua Kouyate-Tate of the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts will present at this week’s webinar on January 17, 2018 at 4 p.m. EST. Register here. Did you know that the performing arts can improve performance in math? So says the educators at the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts. A… Read More

  • Wes Hall to lead STEMx

    From Aimee Kennedy Ph.D., Senior Vice-President of Education, STEM Learning and Philanthropy at Battelle Based on his extensive achievements in Tennessee and an in-depth consideration of the needs of STEMx, I am pleased to announce Wesley Hall as the new director of the STEMx network. I will share a few thoughts about why we are… Read More