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Smithsonian center puts experiential learning to the test

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At STEMxchange 2016, Dr. Carol O’Donnell briefed attendees on a five-year validation study by the Smithsonian Science Education Center. “We believe in lifelong learning, experiential learning. In 1985, the Smithsonian and the National Academy of Science got together and decided that they wanted to create an institution that would bring that kind of experiential learning into classrooms everywhere. Now, in 1985, that seemed really novel.” “Today, it doesn’t.” The idea of experiential learning isn’t so novel anymore. However, O’Donnell and […]

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Building relationships with top state leaders in New York

LG spoke to Empire STEM

Education conferences are a great way to share best practices and new STEM initiatives among teachers and school administrators. Such meetings also can spread the word about STEM achievements to significant state officials. But how do event planners attract such major players? Late last year, the Empire State STEM Learning Network held a conference that featured speeches by New York’s lieutenant governor, among other prominent officials. To find out how the network scheduled such luminaries, we contacted Jill Lansing, assistant […]

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Looking to 2017 after STEMxchange

stemxchange 2016

Last week, we gathered more than sixty STEMx leaders in Dallas for the 2016 STEMxchange conference. Each year, this is the extended meeting for STEMx members to sit down, chat, and plan collective action. STEMxchange moves around the country each year. This year, Educate Texas, a founding member, played host. Coming from DC, it was easy to appreciate the warmer weather. I also got to meet many of the leaders from the network, and listen to their organization’s plans for […]

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Welcome the U.S. Virgin Islands to STEMx

2016 Graduation in Virgin Islands

STEMx is branching out again — this time into the Caribbean. The STEM network of the U.S. Virgin Islands, whose main islands are St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, is joining STEMx. To find out more about the Virgin Islands Department of Education (VIDE) and its efforts to promote STEM, we contacted Shamika Williams-Henley, state STEM director: Q: Give us some background on VIDE: What are its duties, and how many schools and students are within its jurisdiction? A: […]

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Three-year study evaluates STEM pilot in Arizona schools

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Introducing and nurturing STEM programs in schools and districts where finances are tight can be challenging. What is the best way to accomplish this task? To test its theories on implementing and expanding STEM education, the Arizona STEM Network conducted a three-year study among selected rural schools and districts in its state. The results are in. To provide information on, and outcomes of, the study, we contacted Linda Coyle, Director of Education at the Arizona STEM Network: Q: Tell us […]

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First look at STEM in the Trump administration

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With a new administration in the White House, come new ideas and priorities. What will education and STEM look like under the Trump administration? James Brown, Executive Director the STEM Education Coalition answers our questions in this quick interview.  What direct information do we have about education priorities in a Trump administration? Education issues were not a main focus in this presidential campaign, but we do have some clues.  In many ways, what Trump has said publicly on education is […]

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STEMx member feature: The Utah STEM Action Center


The Utah STEM Action Center, located in Salt Lake City, recently joined the STEMx multi-state network. Earlier this year, we published a story about their annual hands-on learning event called the Utah STEM Fest. To learn about the Center, its mission and plans, we contacted its director, Tami Goetz, who shared the following: Q: Tell us about the STEM Action Center in Utah, its history and the work that it’s doing. A: The STEM Action Center’s mission is to be […]

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