• Congressional staff briefed on rural afterschool

    Note from Director Mike Feder: STEMx readers, I read this post a few weeks ago. It offers some critical details, both about the importance of afterschool programs but also on how the Afterschool Alliance keeps legislators briefed. With permission, we’re cross-posting this information. by Erik Peterson for the Afterschool Alliance, original post The benefits provided by afterschool programs can be integral to the fabric of a rural community—including STEM learning experiences, community connections, caring mentors, and healthy snacks and meals. On July 26th, a Senate Afterschool Caucus briefing on “Afterschool in Rural America” highlighted research and experiences from providers that demonstrates how rural parents not only view afterschool programs as a support system for children’s academic growth, social development, and overall health and wellness, but how they also regard programs… Read More