• Webinar: STEM on stage and supporting dual-language learners

    January 17, 2018: 4-5 p.m. (EST) Register In January, we’ll hear from expert presenters about tackling two of STEM’s hardest challenges: Meaningful integration with the creative arts and language and literacy-rich STEM experiences for young dual-language learners. Akua Kouyate-Tate, Vice President of Education at Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, will share experiences and best practices in STEM from their flagship education program Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts. She will detail how the Institute has been pioneering STEM Arts learning through their innovative residency program, which pairs a professional Teaching Artist will early childhood educators to learn hands-on how to integrate the performing arts into their classrooms. Cindy Hoisington from EDC will describe an EDC program… Read More

  • STEMx is headed back to NSTA’s STEM Forum

    The National Science Teachers Association hosts a fast-growing event on STEM, the NSTA STEM Forum. Once again, STEMx has arranged for a core set of sessions devoted to our members. We’re recruiting for six sessions at the 2018 NSTA STEM Forum to be hosted in Philadelphia from July 11–13, 2018. Help us tackle core questions like:… Read More

  • IBM’s Watson moves from Jeopardy! to the classroom

    Since IBM’s Watson’s Jeopardy! debut in 2011, the artificial intelligence platform has been keeping busy, helping humans in fields such as healthcare and business. Now, Watson is working in education — powering a searchable database of open educational math resources for teachers in grades K-5. To tell us more about this project, called Teacher Advisor… Read More

  • Update from Capitol Hill on the Trump administration’s budget proposal

    Image of U.S. Capitol

    It’s been seven months since the Trump administration released its budget proposal for the U.S. Department of Education. With the budget’s proposed shifts in some funding priorities, educators nationwide have wondered how the measure would stand up to congressional scrutiny. For an update on the proposal’s progress on Capitol Hill, we checked in with Thomas… Read More

  • Decades later, National Science Foundation’s past still guides grants today

    No matter where you are in the STEM education world, it always seems like the National Science Foundation is just around the corner. Everyone knows that they support cutting edge scientific research, but since when have they been involved in STEM education?  The short answer? About 70 years.  The National Science Foundation was established by Congress through the National Science Foundation Act of… Read More

  • Hope Street Group connecting future employees with needed skills

    What job skills should be taught in a STEM-based curriculum? What knowledge is in demand in the workforce? Answering those questions can be tricky, as educators and trainers are not always on the same page as employers. To bring these groups together for the benefit of workers is the aim of the Hope Street Group.… Read More

  • Innovator profile: Rural Sourcing connects high-tech to small towns

    So, you’re a STEM-loving student who wants an exciting tech career but dreads moving to the big city to chase that dream job? No worries. Future programmers with rural roots needn’t pull them up to grow a fulfilling IT career, says Monty Hamilton. The CEO of Rural Sourcing says his company can ensure such tech-savvy… Read More

  • New Center for Equity in Learning at ACT focused on underserved or working learners

    With a goal of helping underserved and working learners achieve education and career success, ACT, the college-readiness testing organization, established its Center for Equity in Learning in June 2016. The center aims to examine and address barriers to opportunity for young people such as income, race, ethnicity and accessibility. To give us an overview of… Read More

  • Webinar: Two states, two new models for rural STEM

    November 15, 2017: 4-5 p.m. (EST) Register A recent survey by the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network reported more than half (53%) of rural educators didn’t know of resources to help them teach STEM. To close that knowledge gap and build new solutions, the network launched the Tennessee Rural STEM Collaborative this fall. Sixteen hundred miles away in… Read More

  • STEMxchange 2018: Save the Date!

    The 2018 STEMxchange will take place on Tuesday & Wednesday, May 8-9, 2018 at the Nashville Airport Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee. This year, we’re excited to join the fourth annual Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit. The summit brings together leaders, innovators, and champions from across Tennessee who seek advance excellence in STEM education. Registration opens November… Read More