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The STEMx™ network enables a dialogue about quality STEM education resources to transform teaching and learning and grow tomorrow’s innovators.

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The Ohio STEM Learning Network mobilized public support for STEM education as a critical component of Ohio’s future with its STEM Advocacy Kit. This resource was adapted by the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network to deliver a similar message in that state. Both examples were shared with the California STEM Learning Network, which is now developing a Next Generation Science Standards advocacy toolkit.

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Educate Texas collaborated with the Texas Education Agency to develop the T-STEM Design Blueprint, a guide used to build and sustain 65 STEM Academies serving more than 35,000 students across the Lone Star State. The Blueprint and lessons learned on design and deployment have been openly shared with others, adding to a growing set of frameworks and rubrics with many common elements that reflect each state’s unique realities. Examples include the Washington STEM Quality Framework and Rubric, the STEM Immersion Guide developed through Science Foundation Arizona’s STEM Network initiative and the North Carolina STEM Attributes & Rubrics for the elementary, middle and high school levels.

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As STEM networks were starting up in New York and North Carolina, state leaders studied the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s system of regional hubs and platform schools supported by public/private partnerships. Frequent exchanges among these and other states contributed to North Carolina’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to STEM Community Engagement and to regional hub design in New York. Subsequently, Washington STEM commissioned a “STEM = In Action” Community Profile of a region in each of these states.