Every month, we organize an opportunity for STEM organizations to learn from each other. Past webinars have covered STEM school design, teacher training, and engaging industry in STEM partnerships. This service is offered thanks to your state’s membership in the national STEMx network.

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Most recent webinars

October 2017: How counselors work to prepare STEM school students for college success


For many students, the jump from high school to college is a leap. In this webinar, we’ll take you inside the new ways some schools are helping students prepare for the challenges of college that content knowledge doesn’t cover.

Liz Mechling and Tim Latta will detail Senior Communications, a class every student at Metro Early College High School takes. This class, and other supports, prepare these students for everything from college applications to financial aid. Yureka Pirtle of the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy will talk about innovative methods her school has developed to integrate community partnerships and technology to develop STEM-focused thinking in students.

September 2017: Creating successful STEM mentorship systems


Access to quality STEM mentors has been linked to student and teacher success. Creating a process to develop, manage, and sustain mentorship relationships between STEM professionals and teachers and students isn’t easy. Tune in this month to learn about the steps being taken in New York and Utah to create meaningful STEM mentorships.

You will have the opportunity to learn about two very different strategies from the New York Academy of Sciences (including the 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures campaign) and the STEM Mentor Exchange or STEM MX (whose supporters include Boeing and the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development) that can inform the work within your state.

August 2017: Working with the Army on STEM outreach


The Army Education Outreach Program, or AEOP, is the Army’s platform for advancing STEM education and literacy through STEM experiences, internships and competitions. From solar car competitions to bringing teachers into military research facilities, the program is very broad. More than 31,000 participants benefited from AEOP just last year.

For the Army, that’s not enough. They aim for it to grow 68,000 participants by 2025. To get there, the AEOP consortium is reaching out to new partners. Hear from a few of these new partners and learn how your organization might join.

July 2017: Join us for a STEM survey sneak preview


Statewide nonprofit Washington STEM conducts a statewide survey every other year to determine support from Washington voters for issues surrounding STEM education. During this webinar, you’ll hear about the reasons behind the poll, steps Washington STEM took to partner with a contractor to develop questions and carry out the poll, and applications for poll results.

June 2017: Tested tools for managing STEM networks


The webinar will focus on STEM network management tools from two states. Both Oregon (STEM Hub Backbone Effectiveness Tool) and Indiana (Indiana STEM Strategic Plan) have created tools earning the STEMx seal of approval.

May 2017: What’s next for the Million Women Mentors movement?


To increase the interest and confidence of girls and young women in STEM careers, Million Women Mentors has recruited male and female professional to complete a detailed mentorship program with mentees. The movement aims to change the face of career choices and advancement for women and girls. More than 30 states host pledges and committees for the program. Sixty corporations are engaged nationally, along with other partners. And the global pledges are increasing.

Join Katie Vallas, DonorsChoose.org’s School & Partnership Engagement Manager, to learn about how STEM teachers in your state can get the funds they need for everything from graphing calculators and microscopes to field trips.

April 2017: Fund STEM instruction through DonorsChoose.org

Description from the presenters

DonorsChoose.org strives to make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education. Teachers in 75% of the country’s public schools have requested classroom materials through DonorsChoose.org, receiving more than half a billion dollars in classroom supplies over the last decade.

Join Katie Vallas, DonorsChoose.org’s School & Partnership Engagement Manager, to learn about how STEM teachers in your state can get the funds they need for everything from graphing calculators and microscopes to field trips.

March 2017: Tools to build STEM schools

We had some problems with our webinar recording in March. Here’s the audio we were able to salvage. You can follow along by downloading the presenter’s slides at the link below.

Slides from our March webinar

Description from the presenters

STEM schools can be engines of academic achievement and innovation. But how do you build them well? And build them to last.

In our next webinar, we’ll be joined by Dorothy Earle, Wes Hall, and Denise Devora. Each represent a state who’s published tools for building great STEM schools. All three tools have been certified by STEMx and were recently featured in our revamp of the STEMx website.

February 2017: How the U.S. Department of Energy inspires the next generation

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The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

In terms of science and innovation, we maintain a vibrant U.S. effort in science and engineering as a cornerstone of our economic prosperity with clear leadership in strategic areas. Integral to the process of ensuring America’s safety and security we must expose, engage and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers to engage with STEM education and career opportunities.

In this session participants will:
1. Be introduced to the Girls of Energy e-book and website, helping stakeholders understand how they can expose, engage and inspire historically underrepresented and underserved communities with STEM concepts.
2. Take part in the interactive portion of the webinar, using available materials to explain scientific concepts relating to the science and technology at our National Laboratories.
3. Provide feedback on how they will disseminate the information provided to other formal and informal educators.

January 2017: ESSA Solutions Lab from 100Kin10

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Learn about the STEMx co-sponsored tools to communicate about STEM in ESSA.

As a 100Kin10 member, STEMx is co-funding Collaborative Communications and Social Driver’s development of strategy, messages and key tools to advocate for the prioritization of STEM learning, programs and teachers in state and district plans.

The products have been designed for direct use by STEMx and other 100Kin10 partner organizations, for their efforts both with their individual communications and as a catalyzing guide to engage community members. During the webinar, you will be introduced to the:

  • website that will serve to organize messages, tools and strategies that partners can use for grasstops advocacy efforts and/or as a platform to engage a broader audience in grassroots mobilization
  • talking points, templates and social media content that can be used to drive your messaging forward
  • process of facilitation and partner collaboration

December 2016: STEM rising in Utah

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STEM is rising in Utah. In September, the respected Education Commission on the States published a detailed report on the Utah STEM Action Center. Now, the center is joining STEMx.

Join us in November to hear from the Utah STEM Action Center’s leader, Dr. Tamara Goetz. Dr. Goetz will explain her state’s model for STEM, including what changed the conversation about STEM in the state. She’ll be joined by Jennifer Dounay Zinth, director of high school and STEM for the Education Commission. Ms. Zinth will talk about the three key elements found in Utah’s approach: statewide coordination, adequate funding, and evaluation.