Transforming STEM education and workforce development in the states, by the states.

It began with an idea.

A community of states, grounded in their shared STEM experience. A nationwide network, whose members understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Today, the idea is reality: the STEMx™ network.

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Great minds think alike.

The STEMx™ network is composed of STEM organizations representing each member state. Led by experts in STEM education, many of whom have been immersed in the field since before the term “STEM” was coined, STEMx™ members bring both a wealth of experience and a desire to innovate.

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STEM starts in the classroom.

In the STEMx™ network, we focus on ‘doing’. We are a grassroots, on-the-ground movement of STEM organizations that are based in real-world classroom instruction. Our STEM schools and programs provide limitless ideas and inspiration for students, educators, policymakers and business and community leaders.

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STEMx Network Thriving, Adds Members in Florida and Maryland

The STEMx network, a coast-to-coast coalition of organizations advancing STEM, has added two new members: the Northeast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub and the Maryland State Department of Education.

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  • RT @aimeek1225: 2nd grade girls already say they aren’t good at math. If they believe that at 2nd grade-they’re out” @ajonespltw #CSEdModels

    @STEMx - September 15, 2015
  • RT @post_west: Laurene Powell Jobs Commits $50 Million to Create New High Schools #EdTech10

    @STEMx - September 15, 2015
  • RT @aimeek1225: Yes, and #stem networks in @STEMx help kids get there

    @STEMx - September 15, 2015