Transforming STEM education and workforce development in the states, by the states.

Meet our Superstars

At the 2015 STEMxchange meeting, STEMx is proud to release a report we’re calling “STEMx Superstars”

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It began with an idea.

A community of states, grounded in their shared STEM experience. A nationwide network, whose members understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Today, the idea is reality: the STEMx™ network.

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National Science Foundation study on inclusive STEM schools

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by Mike Feder, Director of STEMx STEM schools can be a vehicle for creating equity, setting high expectations, and an education that prepares kids for the 21st century world. As STEM advocates, we believe in these schools. But data matters just as much as our beliefs. When parents and policymakers want more than the beliefs of educators, what are the best ways to demonstrate the merits of our work? Sharon Lynch, professor at George Washington University, has been working on […]

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