Nationwide Footprint

The STEMx™ network is a multi-state STEM network which provides an accessible platform to share, analyze and disseminate quality STEM education tools to transform education, expand the number of STEM teachers, increase student achievement in STEM and grow tomorrow’s innovators.

The network is composed of 19 state STEM networks.

Florida New York Pennsylvania West Virginia Ohio Indiana North Carolina Washington D.C. Tennessee Arkansas South Carolina Texas Colorado Idaho Utah Oregon Washington California Virgin Islands Guam

STEMx Educates.

Defines what quality STEM teaching and learning looks like and connects state networks and partners across the country to accelerate the spread of universally transformative STEM educational practices and policies to reach more students.

STEMx Engages.

Spurs partnerships and engages K-12 and higher education, business, government, philanthropy and the community to amplify STEM teaching and learning opportunities for students across the country.

STEMx Exchanges.

Promotes sharing of high-quality STEM resources and tools that span STEM teaching and learning, quality metrics, policy and advocacy, communication and community engagement, and state network planning all to increase student achievement.